Where does England Manufacture?

The Office of National Statistics has released data that shows the East Midlands and the West Midlands are where England manufactures followed by Wales and the North with no representation from London.

According to data from the Manufacturing Association for the region,, there are 32,000 companies in the region with 600,000 employees. The site describes the region as the Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

What is the Standard Industrial Classification or SIC

It consists of five digits. The SIC is begun with a letter of the alphabet from A to U making up 21 classifications known as sections. Next comes divisions made up by two digits. Drilling further down, you get groups made up by three digits. Classes of 4 digits and Sub-classes of five digits can follow.

What is the Krugman Index

This is a way of comparing two regions with regard to the similarity or dissimilarity of industries present in the two. It takes values from 0 to 2. The initial values indicate that the region being compared to a reference region has the same percentages of workers divided into different industries while values towards the end indicate a vast dissimilarity.

What are NUTS regions

NUTS is an EU organisation system of territories within the EU. NUTS stands for Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics. Currently, NUTS 2013 classification is in force. Each classification is in place for a minimum of three years. Two further amendments were made in 2014 and 2016 with the next specification slated to come into force in January 2018

NUTS 1 represents major socio-economic regions
NUTS 2 consists of basic regions for the application of regional policies
NUTS 3 comprises of small regions for specific diagnoses

Local Administrative Units are also defined in relation to NUTS.

LAU Level 1 was formerly NUTS 4
LAU Level 2 was formerly NUTS 5

At LAU level, Degree of Urbanisation or DEGURBA has two classes of Urban Areas and Rural Areas. With Urban Areas, there are two divisions of Cities, and Towns and Suburbs.

Functional Urban Areas(FUAs) consist of cities and their commute areas.

In Great Britain, there are 39 NUTS 2 areas. Within England, they are compatible with …