What are NUTS regions

NUTS is an EU organisation system of territories within the EU. NUTS stands for Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics. Currently, NUTS 2013 classification is in force. Each classification is in place for a minimum of three years. Two further amendments were made in 2014 and 2016 with the next specification slated to come into force in January 2018

NUTS 1 represents major socio-economic regions
NUTS 2 consists of basic regions for the application of regional policies
NUTS 3 comprises of small regions for specific diagnoses

Local Administrative Units are also defined in relation to NUTS.

LAU Level 1 was formerly NUTS 4
LAU Level 2 was formerly NUTS 5

At LAU level, Degree of Urbanisation or DEGURBA has two classes of Urban Areas and Rural Areas. With Urban Areas, there are two divisions of Cities, and Towns and Suburbs.

Functional Urban Areas(FUAs) consist of cities and their commute areas.

In Great Britain, there are 39 NUTS 2 areas. Within England, they are compatible with counties or groups of counties.


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